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Diversifying How We Learn

Dear (Insert MP name here), My name is (Insert your name here). I’m based within your constituency at (insert your address here). I am writing to urge you to address how students are educated and assessed within the British curriculum.  Studies show that there are actually four main types of learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Reading/WritingContinue reading “Diversifying How We Learn”

Reconsider the UK’s Refugee Policy

Dear (Your MP’s name), I am (Your name) from (your address). Attached is evidence of my residence within your constituency. I am writing to you today with urgency about the UK’s refugee policy and current practices. Amnesty International has declared the UK’s asylum policy as ‘poor for protecting the most vulnerable.’ Amnesty’s UK Director, KateContinue reading “Reconsider the UK’s Refugee Policy”

Not a Moment, but a Movement.

The Crossroads campaign aims to both help make protesting more accessible and to help integrate activism into everyone’s daily lives.

We’re at a turning point where you are either active in your allyship, or violent in your passivity. 

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Our Other Letters

Fast Fashion Waste

Dear (Insert your MP’s name here),  My name is (your name), I am based within your constituency at (your address here), I write to urge you to hold discussions and pass legislation that forces fashion companies to report what they are doing with their waste clothing, and to implement provisions to ensure a greater commitmentContinue reading “Fast Fashion Waste”